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oooops guyz May. 21st, 2005 @ 12:33 am

Your Guy Is A Metrosexual!

Come on! Those "Queer Eye" marathons you two love weren't a tip off?

And you wonder what happened to your good pair of tweezers.

It is nice to be able to use your boyfriend's Clinique products when you stay over.

But watch out. He may be looking for an upgrade... possibly one with a penis!

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aii. love yaz all.
Current Mood: drunkwoah im wasted man
Current Music: my chemical romance yeahhhh

I'm Gav, hear me roar!!! Apr. 14th, 2005 @ 09:37 pm
Drum roll please, i'm back on the geek super highway. Been lame this week just working on art stuff, though did go and see 'Hell is 4 Hero's' on Mon with the girls, it was pretty cool tho felt a little gay, as they were drinking man drinks & i was on the wine, and the bartender asked if i wanted a straw with the bottle - 'cheeky bitch'. On tues watched the O.C.; after taxi'ing the girls round the neighborhood 4 a curry. On the nite i got a weird phone call from a manager at work & she was smashed, & proceeded to tell me all about her cats & invited me round to see them, bear in mind she's 40 sumthing, i don't think so!! I think she's 2 cans short of a six pack personally. Talking about work, im untouchable at the moment, ive put out so many fires this week, and impressed the big bosses & finished a new qualification, that means i can get a job anywhere related to people with learning disabilities, how do you like them apples huh.
Went to see 'The Ring 2' last nite, not bad, it was amusing to see Vic jumping out of her seat; before hand tho went to 'mood' to watch a football game; how boring, i think football is sooooooooo gay, a bunch of blokes running around chasing a ball dressed in silk and hugging each other after a goal, they probably shower together as well, anyhoo each to their own. Hey guys i just watched a educational show on 'killers of the swamp' proud of me? It was actually interesting, it could have been filmed better tho, & a better soundtrack. I'll keep watching the cabbage shows for now. Well im off now to pig out & watch a movie on my computer coz the girls have my DVD player still.
Gav's cookie of today - An early morning nooky is the breakfast of happy champions. xxx
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Bloc Party

Don't wear socks with sandels! Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 10:35 pm
Hola amigos, Just watched 'smallville' and how good is that show, it just gets better & better. I would love to live in smallville, where everyone's pretty, granted it's full of freaks with special powers but nowhere's perfect. Signed up today for a dyslexia test, not sure if i am, but if I will get shit loads of free stuff so fingers crossed. The woman was trying to reassure me like i had a terminal illness or something, i also have to see a Psychologist as well, might see if she can cure my cleaning fetish while she's at it. The real bitch is i have to wait until June, after the bloody exams. Made another art video today, so works peachy at the mo. Though, I think rob should never be aloud to live alone for his saftey. Got back at dinner time and could smell burning, so went into our brand new kitchen which was full of smoke, rob was attempting to cook a pot of boiled rice which is now fused to the pot, sorry Matty i think it was yours. Anyhoo the sun was out today, and even though it was still cold ppl in toon were stripping off, gotta love gordies, but hey im not complaining the talent was a 10!! That concludes tonite exciting live journal entry, off to watch 'Freddy vs Jason' Later dudes & dudettes!
Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: Franky Sinatra

It's all gravy!! Apr. 3rd, 2005 @ 10:50 pm
Hey fans, just hanging in my crib, went out partying a few days ago with some MA's, it was pretty cool tho they're not as wild as you lot, they were more PG-13. But still ended up dragging one of the girls home as she was smashed, remind you of anyone, anyhoo I think I will have to go and deck someone to loose the good guy persona, everyone likes the bad guy in the movies. Best thing happened 2day, I was off work, it's my first sunday this year, so i went out scoping some new gyms, one had a swimming pool included as well, just like 'Hollyoaks' one, and the birds there were sweet. Also made a short film 2day based on societies role in big cities, but i won't bore you with the art pish at the mo. Mam phoned tonite said they were buying a new house with four bedrooms with en-suites, they said that it will be worth half a million in about 5 years, so i guess thats upgraded my status, no more Mr working class!!!
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: The Hamster Dance song

I am the King!! Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 08:33 pm
It's all gravy today, I had to put out fires all day the metaphoric ones for the numbnuts, first I had to get rob up to sort the letter out for matt. As you know rob's not much of a early bird, just a bird from behind. Anyhoo I was in charge at a meeting at work where i used my team leader skills; guys you'd be very proud, I had to delegate sensitive issues with the family, & come up with plans for the staff & clients. But wait there's more, this was the hi-light of my the day, i had to have a go at one the staff for using the phone for personal use, it was a big thing but my boss was watching so I couldn't go easy on him, & he almost cried ha ha ha, I was that good I have to do a supervision on all the staff now, WoWo hold the phone a second, this is sounding a bit GAY, oh phooey!! Anyway now i'm on a power trip woohoo. The bloke phoned but an hour ago asking me if he still had his job, well you know me i had to play around with him a bit, damn it, damn it, damn it, i did it again, i don't care, if you guys are thinking what i think you are, 'dirty bastards.' I haven't started uni work yet, going to start making short films tomorrow, if anyone has any ideas for a video art piece give us a jingle!! Oh before I forget, MATT! your letter is on it's way buddy. Ok back to me leaning the ways of the force with the new kick-ass Star Wars game, I not a jedi yet but most impressive! Also leaning how to turn the computer on - who says old can't use computers, rob's teaching how to speak geek, only joking goth boy.
Current Mood: contemplativePowerful
Current Music: The Strokes - Hard to Explain
Other entries
» Happy Easter Everyone!
Whasssup yo all, gavs in the house. Ok that sounded so much better in my head. I must be the most uninformed bloke on the planet, i had no idea the clocks went forward today, so im watching films at, what i think is 8am but had to be at work for 9, I the best team leader ever. Apparently it was announced on the news, thats fine for ppl that watch that boring ass show. So I was late for work, only 90mins late but im the team leader and am GOD, which is another word for the guy that does the wages. Not doing nowt tonite just chilling and watching movies, working again tomorrow but with a little kid which is more fun coz we go to parks and my favorite, Mc D's yummy! and im not stuck in the house with a infinity curry smell that sticks to you like a bitch on heat. Apart from the unsavory business everything is horkey dorey. Which i had something cooler to talk about, but no not today for once i have nothing to say 'how do you like em apples'!!
Adios mis Amigos!!
» What a crap nite!!!
I went to my ex's houyse party just, big mistake that was, to see your ex fumble over other guys all nite is fucking hell, also she came to talk to me afterweard like all is peachy, i hate that girl, why do ex's think you can be friends afterward, it doesn't work ever. Anyway i met loads of cool ppl anyway. I had to tell my ex i had a girlfriend, i guess becues i did.nt want her to win in a way. It's lame i know but it's how guys deal with rejection. Plus side a girl thought I smelt nice, SCORE!! Missing you lot, aspecially the girls, coz Ive got no one to talk to, apart from that all is good. The house is fine, I go round regularlluy to cook but also ppl prodbablt think theirs ppl stil there. Going to pig out now l8er dudes. x
» The Team Leader is now is session!!!
Well slap my ass and call me judy, i have no idea what to write. I hope you guys are happy now, im now a cybergeek. I first want to say, apologies if i offend anyone in the future of live journal, some messeges could be written when i pissed but you guys asked for it. Dear diary: I had a day of walking round a park and making sure my client didn't eat anything he wasn't supposed to, but it didn't work as he ended up choking on paper, that took a while to dislodge so we almost had the paramedics out. Everythings cool up hear tho, kitchen's looking like an asian kitchen with the awful colors but loads of space, I asked the bloke for a sandwich area which he's done, what a superbloke and no I don't swing that way, and yes I know I'm on Gay.com in my defence I had nothing to do with that, but loving my hair no straighters in the morning whooppdo!! Got my new computer now it's fucking fantasic, i've got the most powerful computer in the house, uh uh uh more power!!! as Tim Allen says, I have a yellow hard drive with uv lights and blue fans, i sprayed the keyboard pink coz it's the color i had around, and the moniters so sweet humber humber humber. Anywho not my parties at the moment, have been invited to my ex-girlfriends friends party tomorrow, not sure about that tho, I think I'll get smashed first. Anyway for those who know me, will understand how long this message took to write so i'm off now also i dieing for a shit. Later Dudes.
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