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Don't wear socks with sandels! - mister_zero

About Don't wear socks with sandels!

Previous Entry Don't wear socks with sandels! Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 10:35 pm Next Entry
Hola amigos, Just watched 'smallville' and how good is that show, it just gets better & better. I would love to live in smallville, where everyone's pretty, granted it's full of freaks with special powers but nowhere's perfect. Signed up today for a dyslexia test, not sure if i am, but if I will get shit loads of free stuff so fingers crossed. The woman was trying to reassure me like i had a terminal illness or something, i also have to see a Psychologist as well, might see if she can cure my cleaning fetish while she's at it. The real bitch is i have to wait until June, after the bloody exams. Made another art video today, so works peachy at the mo. Though, I think rob should never be aloud to live alone for his saftey. Got back at dinner time and could smell burning, so went into our brand new kitchen which was full of smoke, rob was attempting to cook a pot of boiled rice which is now fused to the pot, sorry Matty i think it was yours. Anyhoo the sun was out today, and even though it was still cold ppl in toon were stripping off, gotta love gordies, but hey im not complaining the talent was a 10!! That concludes tonite exciting live journal entry, off to watch 'Freddy vs Jason' Later dudes & dudettes!
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Date:April 7th, 2005 08:45 pm (UTC)
YOU DIDN'T TELL ME IT WAS MY PAN ON THE PHONE. GOD DAMN YOU ROBERT, GOD DAMN YOU TO HELL!!! Seriously, if it's still there, put some soil in it from the front garden and leave it overnight, the crap will then peel off like magic. Really it will.
Kind of ironic that you want to live in perfect-ville even though you may have dyslexia (NOT a super-power I'm afraid.) Unless of course that you are actually perfect and are trying to play the system. Oh Tipping... I'm so disappointed in you either way.
Also, you don't have a cleaning fetish. It's just that you are relatively clean and at present the only person about to compare yourself to is a Gothic. Sorry to expose your normality Gav. I could have been much harsher on you though. Maybe next time.
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