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I'm Gav, hear me roar!!! - mister_zero

About I'm Gav, hear me roar!!!

Previous Entry I'm Gav, hear me roar!!! Apr. 14th, 2005 @ 09:37 pm Next Entry
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Date:April 15th, 2005 05:08 pm (UTC)

You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo more gay than football

I don't think you are in any position to criticise anybody's showering habits are you Mr. Tipping? They don't wear silk. They kick the ball as well as chase it, unlike American football which I'm sure you think is cool, it being American automatically making it so in your book. I'm getting sick and tired of your constant sport bashing. Every sport to you is boring yet you are perfectly prepared to spend 2 hours in a gym on your own doing repetitive movements. I am also beginning to doubt the commitment you made to me to play frisbee. I worry that it may be too much like fun for you and you will sit out and do press ups instead. I worry about you constant attempts to hide your true sexuality, you will be much happier once you officially come out. In short, I worry about you Tipping, sort yourself out!

It's a bit of fun. (Rob Brydon rules!)
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